Tuesday, May 10, 2011


People are doing business with soul

People are making money out of minds

People are gambling with relationships

If this is what life is, I don't want to live

If this is what death is, I don't want to die

At the end, I can't either live or die

I'm in the middle of everything doing nothing

I don't know this kind of business... I am a LOSER

We lose even when we have faith, hope, responsibleness...

and whatever it makes us deserve to win

because they are of no value in this business

We lose even when we have nothing

because we invest what we don't have

Am I talking about business... If needed, Yes!

We invest the future

And finally lose

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please understand me...

Please understand me,
I am not a small boy,
I know something about the world;

Words from your heart like
'You don't know anything'
'You are good for nothing'
'Mind your business'
Hurts me more than anything;

Please understand me,
After all it's my business...
to take care of you and our family;

Please understand me,
I have solved many others' problems,
I have wiped out others' tears,
I have made others happy,
I have helped the needy;

Please understand me,
I want to make you happy,
I want to make you healthy,
I want to make you comfortable,
I want to make you enjoy the rest of your life;

Please understand me
I want you to discuss things with patience
I want you to look at my eyes
I want you to hear my heart
I want you to read between my lines

Let me try
Let me fail
Let me learn from my mistakes
Let me explore
Let me do things

Please understand me
I always respect you
I always admire at you
I always understand you
I always think about you

Please understand me
All I need is your encouragement
All I need is you kind words
All I need is your smile
All I need is your hug

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hay.... I am happy.

Got a good news from one of my very very special people as she has got a job. There's no word to explain the feeling that appears when we get a job that we like. It is a result of true hard work and sincere prayer. Here is something special for both of us...

Friends play a vital role in supporting one another, giving hands in hard time.

"I'll lean on you and you lean on me and
we'll be all right"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Romantic ride!

The day started with an interesting romance. I was riding my bike at a possibly high speed in national highways accompanied by my girl discussing about a friend. We enjoyed the freshness of morning air, the chillness due to the recent rain and the warmth of sitting close in the bike. But I wanted something more. Guessing my intention, she hugged me tightly and started kissing on my cheek. I noticed couple of lorry drivers starred at us. Who cares? In spite of some risky bends and sudden tilts, I managed to accelerate and the romance also continued. Disturbed by my beard, she stopped and said in a pleasing voice "This is why I ask you to shave regularly". We laughed at for a while.

I decided to shave at least today and woke up suddenly to know that I am just hugging my pillow and everything was a perfect dream. It was 6 in the morning. Looked at my face, found it 'not bad' and changed my decision. Of course, there is no one yet to be disturbed by my cute beard!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Unrefusable facts

While browsing through my system folders, got an eye on a message in the SMS archives folders. Everyone might have read this somewhere but still, I want to share this:

Today we have bigger houses but small families
More degrees yet less common sense
Advanced medicines but poor health
Two income but more divorces
Touched Moon but no contact with our neighbors
High income yet less peace of mind
We have more experts but more problems
Once technology was for us but now we live for technology
Pizza reaches home faster than ambulance

The worst of all is people are to be loved and machines are to be used, but our situation is vice versa

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where am I?

The moment I saw this pic (while searching for something) I loved it. Immediately I put this pic in my Orkut and changed my name as 'Where am I?' One of my friends scrapped me asking for the meaning of this pic. I could guess why he asked for. I said, "No comments". Couple of days later, I replaced the pic with my own, as I thought it would help promoting my blog.

A week back the same friend came online and chatted. Seeing my blog, he said "It would be better if you don't post any love failure messages in your blog". I asked him that who has failed. Without answering that question he talked about that Orkut pic. He said like, "You always do like this. You never answer my questions. You just confuse. You have changed the Orkut pic when I asked for the meaning". The baseline is he thought that I am expressing love failure through the pic as it is his inference from what he know. I didn't say anything but, "I will post the pic and the meaning in my blog".

The pic reads 'Where is my Love, Where is my Hope, Where is my reason to live'. I feel it more like a statement, than an interrogative. I have stated in an older post 'Reasons', that we always need reasons to live and emotional factors stand up first in keeping us alive. Emotions come out of a relationship. Sometimes emotions may form relationships. So here comes a statement - We are searching out for reasons which in turn lead to relationships and emotions. This is what the pic (or I try to) says.

Coming back to the so called 'love failure'... I don't know where does it come from. There is no need for such a term because 'Love never fails', only people fail. That too people do not fail in love, they fail in understanding love.

Now... if the friend I mentioned in the beginning reads this post, he will say, "You confuse me once again".

There is no market for your sorrows. So never advertise your feelings.

- Charlie Chaplin.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tagged by Raji...

I have given only some basic information in the 'About Me' section. Now Raji has tagged me to write about myself, hence this post. I use the same subtopics.

My parents named me : Muthukumar
My friends call me : R.G / Muthu / Kumar / Mams (only boys are calling me Mams : (
My place : Sivakasi - TN - India
My Zodiac sign : Scorpio
I was born on : 20th
I look back to those days when : I discovered some other faces of mine - my UG college days
Given a chance to be invisible I'd : Go around the world without being restricted by boundaries, procedures, money, anything it might be and explore new places (might need a nice companion though!)
I would love to have a pet : a talking Parrot
The Teacher I like the most : Taking it as a profession, I like my Botany teacher in school Mr. Ezhilarasu
Movies I like to watch : Comedy and Happy ending movies
The singer of my choice : S. Varalakshmi
My favorite past time : doing something with my lappy
I love to dress myself in : casuals
I would love to visit : Australian beaches
I go crazy about things like : bikes, fruit juices, computers, shower and the list goes on with some censored things
My dream date would be with : waiting for...
I fancy love as : the basis of everything (love makes persons and persons make love! might not be as simple as that for us humans)
I tap my feet to the rhythm of : nature
I aspire to become : a person who can help/support the needy
About me as a person : I do anything and everything I like, right or wrong (who got the right to judge?) without disturbing others... lot more... will continue up later.